An interpretation of Akram Khan’s stage piece for screen, in which he uses Kathak as the structural base continuously attempting to break out into lyrical passages of contemporary action. Camerawork, animation and tight editing extends these themes graphically, creating an animated, occasionally oppressive surrounding urban landscape.

“The experience of watching this film will forever stay with me in my personal "tool box" of great works to reference in one way or another. The video was suspenseful and intriguing, which made me feel anxious, and on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would be next. When he reached for the floor and was not capable of touching it… relieved later when he left the confined space and was able to do more grandiose movements. A point that I found interesting is that even though the dancer was not always the focus of the shot, their existence still seemed the most embedded. Perhaps the importance draws from the constant sense of anticipation I felt for Khan's return into the frame.” — Valerie Schuh, Watching Dance Forum

Broadcast on Channel 4 television ‘Per4mance’ series 1998. Featured, with ‘Khooyile’ in British Council Touring Package ‘100 years of British Dance on Screen’ 2000

Other performance collaborations directed by Rachel for the Channel 4 Slot include ‘My Husband is a Spaceman’ Kazuko Hohki/Frank Chickens, ‘Khooyile’ Mavin Khoo, ‘To my Feet’ Christopher Twigg, ‘A Prophesy’ Christopher Twigg, ‘3 Minute Birth’ Jo Parkes


Choreographer Akram Khan, Dancer Akram Khan Music Angie Atmadjaja, Cinematography Barbara Nicholls, Production Manager Sonia Rai Editor Nick Fenton Producer Rosa Rogers Director Rachel Davies Distributor British Council UK, ReelDance Sydney